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Red works with non-profit & progressive organisations around the world

to create sustainable fundraising and public engagement solutions.

Red stands out from the crowd because it understands that

the very best donors are supporters of your cause, first and foremost.

Red is in the Irish market because it recognises the need for a new approach

based on creating the next generation of standard bearers for many of the

most important causes represented on this island.




Resilience, Excellence, Diversity


Marjorie McHenry

Chief Executive

Helen Fleming

Client Services Manager and Head of Data

Tony Osomade

Finance Manager

Daniel Mandell


 Marjorie has been involved in fundraising in Ireland at a senior level for more than 20 years, working both for and on behalf of the charity sector.


Helen Fleming is an expert in data management, statistical data analysis,
and data protection


Tony Osomade, finance manager, is responsible for managing the financial systems of Red Fundraising, including accounting, financial, budget, tax and regulatory reporting


Daniel Mandell is Vice President and General Counsel of DialogueDirect  - a network partner of Red Fundraising.  Previously he was a partner at  law firm Caraballo & Mandell, PLLC, and Director of ADR for the American Arbitration Association.



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Our Core Beliefs

  • To redefine Irish fundraising by thinking like our partners

    The leadership of RED Fundraising Recruitment brings to this new venture in-depth experience from the third sector.  Charities like Greenpeace and Oxfam have moulded the thinking of our management team.

    We understand the needs of the sector and will be at the forefront of developing new approaches to gaining public support for the causes we represent

  • To help build supporter and donor bases by engaging genuine public support
    for our partner brands

    Confidence in the charity sector has been undermined in recent years, affecting many charities whose services are vital to the community and the wider world, and whose reputations have been unfairly tainted by the deeds of a very few.  This confidence needs to be re-built.  Through sustainable public engagement on behalf of our clients, RED Fundraising Recruitment aims to support the efforts of the sector as a whole to restore the faith of the Irish people in the agencies that provide services to the most vulnerable members of society

  • To put quality of contact above all else

    We must ensure that those people who support the causes we represent do so out of the goodness of their hearts.  To ensure that this is the case, RED Fundraising Recruitment has raised the standards of donor by introducing instant payment via credit & debit card and prioritising supporter contact.  Shortly after the point of sign-up, the donor is asked to confirm by telephone to our call centre that they are happy to become a regular donor to a particular charity, that they understand they are being asked to make a long-term gift, that cancellation within one year could cost the charity money, and to confirm that they meet the criteria for a long-term committed supporter.

    We are confident that all the pledges we pass to our charity partners are not only enthusiastic and genuinely supportive, but also as sustainable as they can possibly be.

  • To work with our partners to develop journeys that embed supporters

    The services offered to the charity sector by RED Fundraising Recruitment are aimed at developing long-term regular donations that allow our clients to better manage the vital services they supply to the community.  Other fundraising methods such as one-off events, cash-collections, one-off donations are important, but due to the nature of such fundraising, it is difficult to plan and budget in advance to guarantee services.  Long-term regular donations allow for forward-planning but require intensive campaigns using full-time, dedicated campaigners working day-in, day-out and as such cannot be done by volunteers on an ongoing basis.  It is also important to establish how each supporter wishes to be kept apprised of the ongoing work being done by the charity concerned, what level of contact is expected by the donor and how best to involve and embed the donors in the work of their chosen charity partners.

  • To develop our staff over the longer term to create inspired fundraisers who make fulfilling careers and meaningful impacts in the non-profit sector

    The people we employ as campaigners on behalf of our clients come from a variety of backgrounds and from many countries. They are often young and inexperienced and are embarking on a career path that will influence the rest of their lives. In order to be successful, the campaigner must be passionate about the cause they represent, must be dedicated to being an advocate for that cause and, as a public representative, must respect the dignity of the profession and ensure that their actions enhance the reputation of the client, the sector and their employer.  They must learn to deal with people of all ages, of all backgrounds, remaining positive at all times, often in the face of insults and even abuse. Those who master all these requirements will develop life-skills that will stand to them always.  Many do not succeed, as it is a hard school of learning.  Our main task as employers is to support their development through all stages with ongoing training, motivation and reward.  Our fundraisers are paid a basic wage of €400 per week based on 40 hours, which increases with longevity of service.  It is our aim that the average wage will be in line with the recommend living wage of €11.50 per hour. We are proud that our fundraisers can earn a living wage and are happy to have provided 43 full-times jobs since starting to fundraise in June 2015.  Our training programme “Recruit, Educate, Develop” enables progression, which is based on work ethic and offers career opportunities for Lead Campaigners and Regional Campaign Coordinators, offering possible opportunities for career development in the non-profit sector.

  • To adhere to the Code of Practice for Face to Face Fundraising

    This Code of Practice applies to Face to Face fundraising to secure committed regular gifts for charity and non-profit organisations in the Irish market. This code applies to unsolicited personal approaches to members of the public in public places and should be understood in the context of “non-cash collections” in the Charities Act 2009, and when implemented, amendments to the Street and House to House Collections Act 1962.

    The purpose of face to face fundraising is to secure vital regular and committed donations for the good work of charities. Face to face fundraising provides effective, secure and appropriate means by which the public can demonstrate their committed support to a charity, through their bank account, credit card, mobile phone or other means of electronic giving.

    The Code of Practice for Face to Face Fundraising aims to ensure the highest standard of face to face fundraising in an effective and sympathetic manner for a charity without causing public nuisance or disturbance.





Red Fundraising Recruitment

is part of a Network of Fundraising Specialists, all leaders in the fundraising industry, providing services of superior quality to non-profits across the globe.

This network is one of the pioneers of street fundraising

and is active in following countries:

Australia, Austria, Germany, The Republic of Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States.

Work for

We are always looking for committed, passionate men and women who can represent the most important causes in Ireland. Working for Red will give you the opportunity to make a career for yourself in the not for profit sector. Working for Red will transform you into a change maker who enriches the lives of others.





Client Services Manager & Head of Data

Helen Fleming is an expert in data management, statistical data analysis, and data protection. With almost 8 years of experience, Helen is a highly dedicated data specialist who is passionate about her work and spends a lot of her time understanding the data and the audience to ensure each clients’ unique business objectives are understood and goals are accomplished. And in her spare time, she really enjoys writing about herself in the third person.


Helen Fleming

finance manager

Since choosing to return from Germany, where she was Managing Director of Reed Publishing Germany, to work in the charity sector, Marjorie has headed up the fundraising campaigns of charities such as St Luke’s Cancer Research Trust and NCBI.  Marjorie was then appointed Managing Director of Face2Face Fundraising Ireland, an agency involved in direct recruitment on street. Marjorie was instrumental in developing a door to door programme, which was launched in 2006.


Tony Osomade, finance manager, is responsible for managing the financial systems of Red Fundraising, including accounting, financial reporting, budget reporting, and tax and regulatory reporting. With over 25 years’ experience in finance & accounting industry, he has previously worked in various financial roles in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. He holds the bachelor of business administration degree (Finance & Accounting), MBA and is part qualified ACCA.

Marjorie McHenry

Tony Osomade




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